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Jun 27, 2009

Ok, I have a pretty big problem. It's EXTREMELY annoying. I just fixed my computer. I downloaded Wizard 101. It was lagging pretty bad so I though maybe there was something wrong with my computer. But then I tried playing other games like Wizard 101, such as Toontown, etc. They worked just fine. I even took it to the computer fixing place, and they told me there should be no problem. So, I came here and looked at some other threads in the forum related to this. So one of them said to turn down the Quest Helper, and some other settings. One of them just so happened to be to turn off the Full Screen option. So when I tried to turn it off, the arrow that allows me to turn it off, was dark. Meaning, I was not allowed to turn it off.
I need help, because I really want to play, but I can't because it is lagging. So if anyone can tell me how to fix this problem, and the lagging problem, it would be great.
Thanks in advance!

May 15, 2009
Jun 18, 2009
I am having a similar problem. Not sure if it is fixed yet but when looking on the Wizard101 Central, the fan website, I was browsing some forums and found a similar post with a reply from Professor Greyrose. Here is the body of her reply:

Re: Losing Connection


Hello everyone! I'm dismayed to hear you're having connection issues, but I think we can figure this out together.

If you'd like to help us find out what's going on, please send us your WizardClient.log. Here's the instructions:

It's quite easy to send a WizardClient.log file.

Navigate to your Wizard101 Folder (usually Program Files/KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard101) then go to the Bin Folder then select "WizardClient.Log". Then just drag the file into the body of the email.

If this is too large for your email server to attach or send, then open the game folder, go to the the bin folder again and locate the WizardClient.log. Right click on the log file and select Save as Zip (or similar wording - will vary depending on your specific operating system). Then, go back to your email and attach the newly zipped wizardclient.log.zip file.

The more of these that players email to us at community@wizard101.com, the more we can figure this problem out. Thanks for doing this, you'll be helping everyone who's having this same problem.
~Lydia Greyrose
Professor of Ice Magic
Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

Need to talk to me? you can email me at community@wizard101.com

Hope that this helps

Mar 21, 2009
Jun 27, 2009
RoloX2 wrote:
Need more info on the stats of the computer and what you did to fix it.

Well, I used one of those Window XP repair disks, because my computer had crashed. So, it kinda old. It's a Windows 2002, and I have 8 gigs of RAM. I don't understand how it isn't working. My dad's computer is older than this one, yet it works perfectly on his! And other games like Wizard 101 work. I'm very upset. So please help me!

Dec 20, 2008
I have the same prob.I will be playing all normal and no prob's.Then all of a sudon the screen will freaze then it turnes black and the music plays over and over agan on the same note. I dont know whats going on but it crashed my computer.No goke!I had to get a whol ne laptop becase of it.It was one of those new ones to

Aug 02, 2008
IMO; Just some basic things to check out.
(on the users side)
It could be your graphics card is going out.
It could be your modem going out.
It could be that you need to reboot your computer,
if its been on for more than a week.

It could be that you have too much running in the background on
your computer.
It could be spyware, and other nasties causeing it.

(on KI's side)
It could be that all the new added things to the game is now just too much
for your computer to handle. ooops this goes with the first thing I said.
It could be any number of things.
If none of the above have resolved your problem, Then goto the
Help & Support section of this site and scroll all the way down and click on
the 'Contact Us' button tab and go from there.

Jun 18, 2009
My problem is a bit differet from the above. First noticed when I started Grizzleheim that the screen was so dark I could hardly see anything. I found that I could adjust the resolution brightness and that helped. Thing is that if I change characters, or log off, I have to re adjust the brightness. The indicator stays on its brightess level but the screen will be quite dark. I only have this probelm on Wizards so I dont think it is my computer. Been living with the problem for a while and finally decided to maybe (hopefully) fix it.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Robert Fireshade

Mar 02, 2009
It depends on your screen resolution, it only seems to go off fullscreen in higher resolutions. Sorry if i am a bit vague but try raising the resolution.

Jun 20, 2010
i have the same problem and when i looked at the program file/kingsisle entertainment/wizard101/bin i didnt even have the wizard.log