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Problem with switching Realms

Jun 18, 2018
So today I was trying to switch realms, when I got the message that it was "completely unavailable". That'x OK, I can just go to a different realm right? Well, no. I have to wait for one minute for NO REASON. While one minute is not long, it is still annoying to wait for. I think it should be changed to where if you cannot go to another realm, you don't have to wait for a minute.

Apr 15, 2012
Unfortunately it has always been that way, I think it is in place to help prevent lag for everyone in the game.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
While the issue can be a tad annoying, I feel it is necessary.

If everyone kept switching realms over and over, I am sure this would and can lead to serious server, lag and other gaming issues KI would now have to contend with.

The one minute delay helps in preventing this and hence needed.

What I can say though is that, it is even more troublesome when attempting to switch to a realm only to be booted back to the same realm in which you were attempting to leave from; promoting another wait time as you kinda described above.

Nevertheless, the wait time is a necessary feature to prevent unnecessary usage of the realm switching, kinda control it and to further prevent any issues it may cause.