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Problem with my Theurgist.

Jan 11, 2009
Can sum1 plz help me out. Here is the situation. I have two acc and when the new lvl 48 spells came out i patched then started with my lvl 48 necy. Did the quest got the spell and pet woot. Here is where the problem come into play. I switched acc jumped on my Theurgist which is lvl 49 and nothing , notta, zillch. My professor did not even come up in the lower right telling me to come see her. Has ne1 else had this prob and fixed it let my know plz.

Have you tried speaking to Moolinda Wu directly?

If you are level 48 or higher, and a Life School student, she should have a quest for you. Do not always wait for your teacher to call on you, visit her directly.

If you are level 48 or higher, and the teacher for your school of focus does not have a quest for you, report it as a bug by going to Wizard101.com, clicking the Help and Support button and contacting Mr Lincoln.

Jan 11, 2009
Yes. I have been in and out of the class like fifty times Ill need to report it as a bug. Thanks for getting back to me so fast I appreciate the hard work.