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Dec 26, 2008
ok so i love this game and i got a friend in the game he maid 2 accounts and got subscribed but it says that i can get crowns for inviting friends he even bought crowns what do i have to do to get the crowns?

Here are the steps you and your friend needed to take.

1. You had to invite your friend to the game using the "Earn Crowns" link in the game or on the Wizard101 website that sent your friend an Invite a Friend email.
2. Your friend had to sign up to Wizard101 through the email that was sent to him/her at that time.
3. Your friend, if he/she signed up through that Invite a Friend email, should have received a Friendly Dragon.
4. Once your friend purchases a subscription to Wizard101 with that same account, you and they would receive the Crowns.

If these are the steps you and your friend followed and you did not receive Crowns, you need to contact Customer Support. Click the Help banner on the left to do that.