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Privacy Mode that shows you are offline to friends

Dec 27, 2008
There are times that I would like to play and not be bothered by people in my friends list. Currently, the only way to make that happen is to delete them or ignore their texts which will upset them. I want to be able to appear offline when I am in the solo mood, so I can remain hidden from friends and not have to permantely remove them.

This feature can be as simple as a button that toogles "Privacy Mode" on and off.


Feb 18, 2009
I would have to agree with this Privacy Mode sole heartedly. There have been many times that I have helped others time and time again and I have actually lost friends for telling them that I can't help them today. I realize that this is their problem but sometimes it would be nice to be able to do all the running around quests that you have to do without being interrupted every 2 minutes.

I usually don't mind helping others at all but sometimes a solo hour or two is needed to do one's OWN quest. The most annoying ones that I've seen are the ones that seem to be trying to get through the game playing areas that aren't even their quests. For some reason it seems these people are EVERYWHERE. I had someone just recently tell me they needed to do the Vault of Ice, I go to them to help and come to find out, he couldn't even get into the Krokosphinx but wanted to go in their to try for the third time for the Krokomummy drop. After finding this out I told him that I am not gonna help because he needs to work on his own quests to get to that point and he got mad at me. I told him that I'm sorry but wasn't gonna waste my time helping him do a quest that wasn't even his yet. He deleted me shortly there after which at this time I'm glad because I don't want someone like that as a friend anyways but at the same time I know he's probably out there bugging others who probably would like a Privacy button as well.

I've also had many unneccesary battles because of people popping in unannounced or unwanted. To give an example of this, here I am very low on health and mana in the area of Krokopatra in a battle that I was pulled into by accident (from not watching where I was going..lol). I have potion bottles to fill me up when I'm done with this last hit on the last mob member I'm battling and then BAMMM....here comes someone on my friends list without notice who automatically joins the battle and pulls in two more mob members because of their abrupt joining. And to top it all off, the person who popped in unannounced decides to flee with no explanation. Needless to say, I was defeated with the next hit from the new mob members that joined and I got thrown out to the Oasis and had to work my way all the way back to the place I just left just to have it happen to me ALL OVER AGAIN from yet ANOTHER unannounced appearance who left me high and dry yet again....ugghh....the frustration.

Not to rip it off of Yahoo or nothing but like Yahoo Messenger, I suggest you put a "Invisible to Everyone" button somewhere in there to stop this kind of stuff so people can enjoy the game better.

Hunter SilverHeart