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Practice Golem

Dec 24, 2008
Wouldn't it be cool if we could obtain a practice golem that we could place in our houses to fight for practice?

Sep 28, 2008
Awesome Idea! I think that the practice golem should attack though but only with low level spells like all lvl 1 spells and all level 5 spells. This would be a great idea to work on your combos and see your cards graphic entrance and attacks. Also you get to choose how many you want to face at once and if you want one on your team going against 2 other golems. i mean this is just half of my ideas for this idea. this should only be for levels 1-12. then the practice monster's levels should go up. levels 13-22 should be maybe a krok. 23-32 should be a dog. 33-40 should be a ninja pig. 41-50 should be a droconian. Plus if you wanted you could change the practice monster school is. well these are my ideas.

Nov 26, 2008
i thought of something like that my idea actually had a whole different playing feild ( rectangle playing feild and it 1v1 only so you can have a few of them in one spot. ) But it would be better to not have them attack or shield, or better yet you can tell them what to do before the battle, and you can set their stats to the same as other enemies you crossed. So you can give the practice golem, malistair's health and resists but make him not attack.

Feb 23, 2009
great idea Monsterax! that would be so cool. and like keybladeweilder said they would change appearance every couple of levels or when you get to a new world! but you could go back and change the appearance anytime you want! this is a really cool idea. Wizard101 Staff i hope you read this forum and take it into some consideration!


Jan 23, 2009
i like it too to test out spells an it would be really nice if we couls set the differculty of the fight by choosing a world.

for instance if you are in wiz city you can only fight wiz city golems
and if you are in DS then you can fight any golem battle up to that point.

Of course the world you pick will set the differculty level but the school and character can be random.

Jan 06, 2009
:D This is the best idea posted yet, i say you should be able to to fight the golems and all that good stuff and be able to change there type,health stats ,and there rank. :D
:) :D ;-) :-)

Feb 07, 2009
i WANNA programe it like how it looks or its attacks maybe tounts it gives you win you do near it ( like bosses), its attacks its health and maybe even give it phrases it says in battle like (i am not going to win) or (i will kill you)

Jun 24, 2008
This is an interesting idea. Maybe, to add onto the idea, have the ability to customize it. Give it its own attacks, change it's health, rank, school, and any other ideas. Basicly, I just summed up this whole forum lol, sorry.

This could be a great way to train for fighting against a person in PvP or against a boss. Maybe we buy a dueling ring to put outside our house to duel in with friends against the golem, or against friends only, not counting towards PvP ladder.

This would be a great addition to housing. Nice Idea!!!