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Porting to help people

Feb 10, 2009
I am saying this for it happens all the time with my friends and I. When we need help in a dungeon example: the Laberinth, we call our friends to help. They try porting in but it won't let us port in. I believe that KI should let us port to our friends in dungeons.

May 06, 2009
Some dungeons do allow this, some (many in Dragonspyre, but not the Labyrinth) do not. You should only be able to have four people in an instance. Some (War Tower) can only be started with other people and some can only be run solo (anything for a school-specific spell, for instance).

There is a problem I have seen discussed where some people are getting the 'full instance' message no matter what -- look at the sticky issues at the top of this forum.

Nov 02, 2008
Ok, there is a problem in porting.
Please don’t think I don’t understand teleporting because I do know all the nuances of where and when, truly I do.
I’m working on my 4th Grandmaster and have many friends here that I help and they me.
Please don’t try to tell me I’ve been doing it wrong or don’t understand teleporting, I will ignore you.

There is a problem showing up in teleporting and this I know, my friends experience it with me and it’s aggravating.
It has been here before and gone away and I’m hoping it goes away completely sometime soon.
I have 6 wizards and sometimes only 2 are not effected.
I get the “your friend is in an instance level” when they simply are not. You can be standing next to them and the same thing.
They are by themselves, alone, solo asking for my help and NOT in a instance level.

Question, I wonder how wide spread this is- Have you experienced this personally or through another in your group?

Those of you that have not experienced this perhaps your day will come until then please believe us when we tell you this is happening to some of us.

BTW, I’ve ported into and out of Labyrinth many, many times.

May 07, 2009
The "friend is in an instance" bug has happened to me many times too, most recently me and my friend were both in the jade palace and I couldn't port to him.

Feb 15, 2009
Check your options. There is now an option that allows or disallows friends to port to one another. Make sure all users have the option to allow before attempting to port. This is new and I believe the default is set to allow, however it may have been changed at one point by you or your friend who is requesting that you port to them for assistance. Hope this helps! :)

Jun 07, 2009
the message I am getting is your "your friend is in a full instance" Even when they are standing next to me or in their homes.