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Please help, Stuck at beginning!

Feb 13, 2009
I just created an account for not only myself but also my 9 year old daughter. Just something fun that we could do together. But after I downloaded the game onto mine and her computer, and after patching, we started to play the game. All was going well until it came time for the professor to vanish to his office. After he leaves we are both stuck in the tower. It has a message at the top saying please wait. It covers the entire top of the page even the chat button. And nothing happens at all. Can't leave. Cant access map or quest or anything it seems frozen in place. Are we missing something or am I just blind?

The game is downloading the first few areas in the background.
The time this takes can vary depending on your internet connection. If this persists, please contact customer support by going to https://www.wizard101.com/site/CustomerSupport/