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Plague Oni

Jan 14, 2018
I got the quest from Mooolinda. But am unable to enter the temple. Is there something else I need to do to unlock the entrance to temple grounds?: Cannot even get into the map area.

Feb 23, 2013
The quest from Moolinda is a life quest but not the main quest line. You need to keep questing through Mooshu until you get the quest to open that dungeon or have a higher level wizard port you in. I helped someone with this same issue last night while I was fishing!

Mar 18, 2009
If you got the quest from Moolinda, I assume you are referring to the quest to obtain the Dryad spell. If so, you will simply need to keep questing along the main quest line to unlock the temple. The same thing happens to Storm wizards when level gain occurs faster than the main quest.

The bright side is that you will knock out two objectives in one run of the dungeon rather than having to go back in afterwards to defeat the Plague Oni again.