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Phrase Shop

Jul 18, 2008
Hi Wizards everywhere

I would like to make a suggestion, about phrases. I would love to have a list of my phrases that I have purchased from a shop somewhere, that I can say quick to all players. I would love to see seasonal phrases avaiable for purchase for gold. Like Happy Holidays, or BOO! , or helpful battles phrases that you can bring up quickly, like You First or I have this one. Even just general phrases of my choice. It would add a very personal touch to the game customizable to every player. The phrases that are here now are sometimes hard to find quickly or not what I am trying to get across to the player. Having open chat is wonderful but sometimes I am running and dont want to stop , bring up box, type perfect typing of a phrase, the person I am typing to has gone off down the street by then.

Please consider adding this wonderful feature to your game. It could have a simple button under the talk icon with quick access, to My Phrases.

Thanks to all who read this agree or disagree and reply!

Grandmaster Grace

Sep 15, 2008
Yes I agree with you when i am trying to say "Teleport To Me" tO one Of My Non-Text Friends I Can't So I Can Say What I Want. Because Mooshu Is Hard.

Mark Thundersword
Lv 36 Diviner
Proud Person In Mooshu

Oct 11, 2008
or you can set differant phrases for certain buttons like for
ex:i could set the phrase i need to help a freind on F1 so all you have to do is press that button to say what you want and you can do it with all of them F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Ect.