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pheonix pet quest too hard

Jun 08, 2009
I am a lvl 60 pyromancer and i can't do the pheonix quest it's too hard the boss starts with like 6 pips and has a huge fire resistance i want this to be a quest where you don't have to buy henchmen to win i only got efreet because i bought henchmen with my remaining crowns. plz make this quest easier ki

Sep 08, 2008
I had an issue on my Myth character with the level 58 spell quest. I had to try SIX times, just to win.

Now, I know the spell quest is not the same as the egg quest. But, back then when I fought this boss, I may have not been playing as smart as I could have.

Most important thing, in any fight. Shields. If the boss manages to dot you and shields become inefficient to use, use them anyway, and they will block the bosses incoming 4+ pip attacks. Stock up on any fire shield you have, and include your tower shields, if you have them. It is best to have too many of them, than not enough. Clutter up your entire deck with shields. As you put up shields, you charge pips for powerful attacks. (Do not use elemental shield, as this will cost you a pip just to put up.)

Healing. Even if you do not have the life mastery amulet, those heals can save your life. Pixie! As little as that heal is, it costs one pip, and it can save or break the entire match. Stock up on as many as you can. Do not worry if your deck seems cluttered with all them little pixies. Cast them, and shield to charge up your attacks. (Or, if you are safe from harm a little, blade up.)

Boss's minion. After shielding enough rounds to have charged up a full attack, take out the boss's minion ASAP. As soon as that minion is gone, you'll have a much easier time fighting the boss. Don't do anything until you have finished off the Boss's minion. While keeping yourself alive, first.

Speed seems to be the key here. Much better to have just one mob spam 4+ pip spells than two mobs at once. Do not spend a lot of time trapping and blading, except maybe a feint and a blade. (0 pip blade.) Charge up them pips, and GO. And don't wait to charge to maximum pips. Simply charge up the pips you need for the next attack, and hit it.

Remember, unless you have Life mastery amulet, you cannot spend too much time healing, or the damage simply 'catches up to you' and you'll just spend every round without pips. It is best to finish off the boss minion, THEN heal. Unless you are in critical condition.

Stock up on converts. Does not matter if you have like 6 of them. Rather have too many converts, than not enough.

I realize that may not necessarily make it that much easier, but luck also plays a key . Sometimes they get the first turn advantage, while sometimes you do. Most bosses end up defeating me if I fail to block their criticals, and simply become overpowered. Sometimes your deck is shuffled up so badly, you don't have any shields, a bunch of 4 pip Satyrs, and little else. I have lost a fight solely due to a poorly shuffled deck. (That was Crustacean Empire's 3-mob boss fight.)

If you hang in there with a good amount of determination, you will beat the boss. That is a promise.

Dec 14, 2009
Instead of nerfing the quest for everyone else,try adjusting your deck and strategies. I completed the quest easily,so can you if you just try a little harder.

Jul 09, 2011
Although I'm not a Pyromancer and don't know the boss, make sure to have reasonable resist and prisms. Remember that you don't really need the pet and that there are better pets than the Phoenix.

Sep 08, 2008
I love the Phoenix, it is such a beautiful pet. My fire wizard will defintely have a phoenix.