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Pet refuses to cast!?

Sep 04, 2009
Hey everyone, my name is Ryan G. Sword, a lvl 77 and been playing for almost 5 years, on and off.

I have had an Ancient "Tiki Kahuna" pet for quite some time now, and it has 3 "may-cast" abilities which I was very excited about, although after fighting with this pet in HUNDREDS of battles against NPC's, I noticed not once has it ever casted it's "may-cast plague". Now it also has "may-cast fairy" which it will cast literally every other ROUND, and also a "may-cast blade" which it will cast maybe once every, or every other fight, but this is not the ability I am truly worried about. Is this an actual bug with the "may-cast plague"??? Or is the rate at which it casts just simply to low and sort of an insignificant pet ability?

Just yesterday I hatched with a friend and got his "Mummy Cat". I was overjoyed after I leveled it to teen and received the pet ability "Critical Striker" but as it reached adult... "may-cast plague"...

I really hope another wizard or even and admin (which would be flawless) could enlighten me on what the problem is here. The last thing I want is a pet which I spent lots of gold and time on, that has an ability that is basically useless.

NOTE: I have not looked into this before and this is my first post ever on the message board, if this problem has already been classified or debunked as a bug or it is currently being fixed, please let me know below! Even your own experiences with a pet with "may-cast plague" will be highly appreciated!
Thank you to everyone who replies

Sep 17, 2012
Part of the issue is the differences in triggers for each May Cast. Healing May Casts can be triggered by any action by any player or creature except for passing. This means heals cast a lot more often than other May Cast talents. Plague is a very rare May Cast that only generally triggers on attacking, meaning that you have to attack and NOT kill them for it to actually ever work. May Cast blades usually trigger from casting blades or attacking, meaning that a lot of the time they trigger after you have already cast an attack that ended the battle.

Sep 04, 2009
Thanks for the reply so quick seethe42, I'm gonna have to go on and try out some attacks to figure out what works best. What you say though is true, a trigger by attacking is pretty lousy considering while questing (which is all I truly focus on) you pretty much blade up, then 1 shot everything. It sounds like a really cool thing for the PvP scene, although I have a hard time with most of the toxic kids playing so.

Anyways thanks for the information, I appreciate it!
Best regards, Ryan G. Sword