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Pet Maze game Gobble ghosts not working

Feb 26, 2012
Lately I have had a recurring problem with the Gobble the Ghosts in the Pet Maze game. I will have the gobble the ghost active, and run straight through one or more ghosts, and it will have no effect. The ghost will not be gobbled. I will not be frozen either, and the gobble-effect has not worn off.

And this is not a matter of me missing the ghost on the edge either -- I will run dead through the middle of the ghost, and nothing happens.

It is not consistent -- sometimes I will go through one ghost, and then be able to gobble the next one..

This happens almost every time I play the game. It is very odd. It never used to happen either.

(FYI, this is my usual pet game, as I can consistently get four points out of it. As for ghost gobbling, I can usually get at least two ghosts off the gobble star -- my record is four. So it is not like I don't know how the thing is supposed to work.)

Aug 18, 2011
I've seen that happen too. It may be related to lag -- like when you walk through a wisp but can't pick it up, or get pulled into a fight by a creature you can't see or appears to be far away.

It is annoying. I have also been frozen while still showing "gobble" as on. Our visuals seem to lag the processing sometimes, so the game thinks something has happened before we can see it.