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Pet Derby -- A Frustrating Issue for All

Jul 06, 2009
Pet Derby, although it only came out early this summer, has already seemed to fade away.

Unfortunately, people don't like Derby enough to race in it. First, it takes very long to get a race started. With lower ranks, people don't seem to click on the "Go to Arena" button, so the other pets who are put against them can't get in their race. With higher ranks, people can't find races for hours, sometimes even days, because there are not enough players with close ranks to them racing.

Another reason for Derby's unsuccessfulness is that it has many glitches . Several times, I have been far in first and as I cross the finish line to end the race, I am forced to do a third lap. My hard-earned first place was unfairly given to the next finisher while I got last. Ocassionally in the Ruffington Park course, people will skip the first turn. This allows for an early, unfair lead and about 15 seconds cut off their time.These are only two of the many glitches that Derby has.

Finally, many people don't like playing derby because they can't get the hang of it. I have seen more people that have low scores than people who are veteran or above.

I love racing my pets in Derby, but after I reach captain, races always seem to take forever. I have four wizards who are all commander and up, and I am lucky if I can get a single race throughout the entire day.

Please change Derby. I would really hate to see it become impossible to get to warlord

Jan 04, 2011
coolio356 wrote:

I noticed this with this current "tier'd" system of match-making. This system is innately flawed.

Imagine 4 players with skill level of 1, 1, 5, 5. If the 1 always pairs with the 1 and wins 50% of the time, the skill 1 players will have EXACTLY the same scores as the skill level 5 players :O...

A good player is good when compared to the REST of the population; not when compared to other good players. Similarly, an elite player is not elite amongst the elites but only amongst Good/Normal players. Thus if we always pair them up according to their rank... We risk NORMALIZING the stats. If anyone paid attention to old Warcraft 3 ladder or any other old ladder games' rating system, they will realize that inevitably, most player will fall into the 45%-55% win-rate normalized zone.

A better system will be the Chess system... When a low rating beats a higher rating, the low rating gets more points. I realized that we are already doing that for PvP. However, this system CANNOT be used in conjunction with Match-Making system. If both system are used together, it's very very very unfair to the high ranking, low level players and it forces Normalization of rankings (and it helps level 60 get Warlord simply by beating level 16s over and over).

In conclusion, we should use only ONE of the current system. Either...

1) Match-Making: Player of similar skill/level combos are set up to face each other, BUT in the end the winner gets the SAME REWARD regardless of rank. Because their skill+level combo is supposed to be equal to the person that they beat... Thus the reward should be the same. If the level 16 Captain is believed to be as strong as the level 40 Private, then the level 16 Captain should get way more than just 3 points for winning.

2) Pure points system: When a low ranking beats a higher ranking, he gets more points. This system does NOT have match making. All matches are RANDOM based on level. This way a good player will still be able to get more points than bad players.

Community Leader

Like I stated on Wiz101 boards before, PLEASE raise the tickets. This way, it will pull more players to Pet Derby. I am tired of waiting in line for something that won't ever happen. Not COOL! Other games have a much better system for this. You have to hold your edge, KI! Or it'll be a dud.

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Sep 16, 2009
Not sure about anyone else, but I don't do anything with my Pet. Neither the Pet Derby nor the Pet Games. I find them dull and a waste of time. For giggles I tried to level a pet and, after several days of mind-numbingly dull games, I finally got it to Teen. WhoopDeDoo.