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Paying With Crowns Problem In Wizard City

May 19, 2012
On my other account I went to the commons to see Merle Ambrose to start my graduation for my storm character
Merle Ambrose tells me to go talk to Mr Lincoln in Merle Ambroses Tower which is the room next to him.

When I walk in to the door, the game says this is a premium zone to play in Cyclops Lane or Dark Cave you need a membership or pay by zone.

I just don't understand why I need to pay crowns for this one room. Which is in the commons next to merle ambrose and NOT cyclops lane or dark cave!

Is this a W101 mistake? or do I have to pay with crowns to open this one room up to go do graduation?
I have no crowns atm and I already own all of polaris arcanum savannah district of the stars all the areas needed to complete polaris with crowns but this one room is stopping me questing. This is my second lvl 100 char I am trying to complete story with.

originally my first char Life had membership so I never knew about needing to buy that room with crowns next to ambrose. But I bought all the other areas when membership ended but this room was a surprise!

I bought the area with crowns now since I cant quest in polaris without it. But KI needs to look at this! paying for a room thats in commons but you need cyclops lane area is not quite right