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pacify and stun questions

Dec 11, 2008
What's the point of PACIFY target? I have used it, but I cannot tell that it really does anything. It certainly doesn't pacify the target as they always continue to attack me.

As for STUN - if the target is stunned, I feel he shouldn;t get a pip for that round - all that you're really doing is having the target pass for a round and then get blasted with a bigger spell the next round because he has an extra pip to use against you.

Dec 31, 2008
Pacify will only help you if you have a teammate or minion the foe could attack instead. It doesn't decrease their attacking, just makes a higher percent chance that their attacks will be aimed at someone other than you. My guess is the teammate must also be doing at least a little damage to the foe, or else the foe simply won't notice them.

With freeze, it's true that it just delays things, but this can be useful if you just need one more pip to cast a heal or your killing attack before the foe attacks you. The extra turn can also keep the enemy from shielding or healing for a turn, which is useful if your teammate is going to cast a blade on you, or a trap on the enemy, that will turn your good attack into a great attack. Or it can give a teammate, minion, or damage-over-time spell a chance to remove shields for you or finish off an almost-defeated foe. I find I have to think carefully about who is going first each round and figure out when the foe's missed turn will occur compared to my and my teammates' actions.