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Overpowered School, Storm

Sep 08, 2008
I honestly think Storm is overpowered. I play storm, and love storm. If anything, at least at 60+.

I am transcended with 100% accuracy. I can't fizzle, ever. Unless there is a smokescreen on me or something of a similiar nature.

+97% damage boost. I honestly think that is insane. Sacrificing some power pip % and resistance, I can increase that to 99%.

But what can I say. I LOVE it!

Sep 18, 2009
Storm is strong, and I love my storm girl, but I think all schools have their strengths. My fire and storm are 99% and 98% respectively, with high damage boosts and pet boosts as well. But I think my fire is the tougher of the 2. Still does excellent damage, ifrit casts a 90% weakness on a foe and she can cast any of 3 group DOT spells and then heal herself while her foes die. My Ice girl is not transcended but it at 96% accuracy with high health. Life is, of course, life and can heal herself. Death is weak with low accuracy (lowest in the game with school gear on), but can heal and attack at the same time. Balance is tied with lowest accuracy but is an excellent companion with party boosting skills. Myth is not all that strong, but gets decent accuracy, better minions and a high critical rate. One blade and a critical on a 4 pip frog is easily a 1,000 point hit for each enemy. So every school has their strengths. I am 3 levels away from having a transcended wizard in every school, and I enjoy them all. I do love the massive firepower of storm though. Slap a colossal on Tempest every turn and hope for the best. :)

Jul 16, 2010
Guys!!!! Stop whining! I thought in the middle and this is what you do if your jelus:just create a storm wizard!Thats what i did! :D Alexandra rose pettal And Scarlet, Brittany for my second account. Scarlets my storm!

Feb 03, 2012
Storm is only overpowered in offense, they are way underpowered in defence, this is what makes them balanced.

Oct 23, 2011
I don't agree. My highest wiz is storm. Since Storm has low health, my rule of thumb for gear is ,"The healthier, the better." Hope all of you diviners follow this rule!

Paul StrongShade: Level 45 Storm and loving it!