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open chat

Jul 16, 2012
so i stared playing this game when i was like 13, now i am over 18 and i was wondering if there is a way to make it open chat instead of filtered?

Jan 18, 2010
To put things simply;

If you've access to your master account, then you can simply log in and toggle the chat on/off (under parental control settings).

Remember that a valid credit/debit card is needed to be on the account with a purchase made within the last at least 30 days to meet the requirement

If you again require assistance here, (such as password retrieval) the best place to re-direct your queries will be the support team of KI.


Aug 03, 2014
Bailey Dunestrider on Feb 5, 2019 wrote:
so i stared playing this game when i was like 13, now i am over 18 and i was wondering if there is a way to make it open chat instead of filtered?
You may have fallen either just below the age to get open chat or you might be just into the age to be able to get it. Accounts made under the age of 13 can not ever get open chat. It's not KI's decision, it's because of a piece of federal legislation designed with the intention of protecting children from being targetted with advertising. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA 1998) prevents companies from tracking anyone under the age of 13 and restricts what information they can hold relating to that child.

Unfortunately COPPA did not consider that they were creating a Peter Pan effect. If a company can not track a customer's age (and it is illegal to ask/do anything to try to work out their age) it essentially makes anyone who became a customer below the age of 13 unable to ever 'grow up'. The account remains protected by COPPA forever...or until the legislation is changed.

However, your account may or may not be affected by this...so we'll assume it is unaffected by COPPA first

When the account shows the player to be over 18 open chat becomes available but it does not automatically update in your settings. Activating open chat is done manually. Log into the website and go to 'My Accounts' then 'Parental Controls' (you may need to input the master password to access these). You should be able to see the list of chat features available, gifting and earns crowns. If open chat is there it will show as 'Chat - Open Text'. Just click it on and it will activate on your wizards.

If the option is not there it could be one of 3 things:
1. Your account is not quite updated to show you as 18+
2. Your account is protected by COPPA and is unable to track age
3. There is a glitch/mistake causing the option not to appear when it should be there

If you wait a little while it might show up - I'm not sure if the info is updated in real time or on a schedule (eg weekly/monthly). If you're sure it should be showing by now you could contact Support and ask them to look into it for you. They will probably do one of 3 things - add the option; say you need to wait a little while; tell you that unfortunately your account is not eligible for open chat.

If they say your account can not get open chat please don't be upset or angry with them. KI has to abide by this legislation even when they would like to be able to activate open chat. It's not your fault and it's not KI's fault either.

I hope you find it in your settings, good luck