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One step closer to eliminating card-stealers

Dec 22, 2009
hang on, i never knew you could give people mounts and cards, how does this work?

Jun 08, 2009
camowiz wrote:
A little while earlier today, I was in the shopping district and someone was offering a mount for some cards. I got an idea, walked up to him, then offered my cards. (No, I am NOT a beggar.) He said ok, but before I gave him my cards, I told him. "Wait, I am only going to give you ONE card, then you give me the mount, and I will give you the rest." He said fine, I gave him a triton, then he removed me and ported away. You may be thinking. "Way to go NOOB, you got your card stolen." But think about it, I only lost one, instead of losing most or ALL of my cards. :) I still think there should be an auto report for Beggars and people who do this stuff, but because of that, the theif who took my card didnt get what he wanted. I also gave him a card that was totally useless to him, seeing that because of his level, he would be DEAD by the time he had enough pips to use it

Fiona Starcatcher.
Grandmaster Necromancer.

that is a strategy worthy of Athene
but you should of given him something completely useless like a mutate ice cat or something, but still its a strategy worthy of of Athene.
P.S: Athene is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.

Apr 26, 2009
The funny thing is, one time someone asked me for cards (I was on my balance, level 29) and the person offered a mount - not a permanent one, but still a mount - and he had me show him what cards I had to offer first. I showed him a mix of wild bolts that were from my storm grand, and some judgements. He said "ok" then gifted me a broom!

I was totally shocked. Of course, I kept up my end of the deal and gave him the cards, then I kept asking him "why would you do that just for cards, that costs money" and all he answered was that he had the crowns to do it.

I'm sure there are plenty of cases where people give their cards and then get scammed, but just wanted to point this one case out, because it still has me baffled.

Feb 22, 2009
meerkat234 wrote:
hang on, i never knew you could give people mounts and cards, how does this work?

Go to "My accounts" And if you're under 18, you'll need your parents to access parental control. There, you will see many options of things to turn off and on, and one of them is the ability to gift other players. Turn that on. That will grant you the access to gift stuff from the crowns shop to your friends. For cards, simply add the person to your buddy list, click there character bar little thing, and click on "trade". Voila, you can trade cards

Apr 16, 2010
Hey guys one way that KI could stop the crime is that after a trade you could not port for sixty seconds or so. This is not the BEST solution but it would give you time to learn the thiefs name, maybe shout THIEF!! and give people the opportunity to ignore them or to know not to trade with them.
Probobly not the best idea but just a suggestion.

Apr 16, 2010
meerkat234 wrote:
hang on, i never knew you could give people mounts and cards, how does this work?

for cards you need to be friends with them and then push trade and for other stuff you need to have the gifting option available which you can change through parental passcode.

Jun 03, 2009
Alright so far I see this as NO step closer to stopping these scams from taking place sure we can make them mad and then when they curse report them but lets look at the facts here ok.
How mnay of these scammers have other wizards the answer is MANY of them do. This is NOT new to the game people.
Prevention is the cure cause if we wait for kings to act and they might soon but who knows?
FIRST off look at the players stats see if they are even equip, with things like armor a wand I have seen some with nothing I mean NO armor ring athame nothing but whats given to them when they first start in the game.
I talked to one of theses scammers and he bragged he had grandmasters but did this on the side to get good cards FREE He was so amused by cheating the players he said he would just make another wiz when this one got KNOWN.
Bottom line there is a saying thats SO TRUE If it sounds to good to be true chances are its NOT TRUE.
Fallon Grandmaster of storm

Jul 10, 2009
KI needs to take steps to address this issue. These guy's scamming know good and well what they are doing. I have seen them in action and one openly said go ahead and report me, I have been reported before and I'm still here. We have a lot of younger kids that have no idea there are "bad" people out there. Long story short, I reported that kid. I hope at least ONE of them is gone. but I doubt it. :(

Jul 04, 2009
KI refuses to do anything about it. And the only comments they ever make is: A) scamming is not reportable; and B) oh well, you should have known better.

Fact is, KI is not going to do anything about those beggars and scammers. If anyone falls for their ploys, KI makes money. That's right ... a crown sale is real money in their coffers.

KI says that they have employees who have special badges that play the game, but I have never seen one, nor have I heard a single person on this forum admit to ever seeing one.

Just as all the local police know where to go when they want to set up radar, do a drug bust, etc., it doesn't take any rocket science to know that the WC areas of Ravenwood, the Commons, and the Shopping District are primed with people begging, scamming, cussing and talking sex.

Yet it continues, in every realm, all hours of the day.

Oct 10, 2009
camowiz, i saw this too. one time i was with a guy with a permanent mount and i was near him he was nice to me so we friended each other. and i had a permanent mount too of course. so then we saw two beggars. they asked us if we could give a mount and we both said no we dont have crowns, ( because we dont). BUT could you guess? WE SAW A SCAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . so then the two beggars said we'll give you our cards to the scammer who had a permanent mount then she sad ok gimme your cards so they did and then she port away and remove them.

Aug 14, 2009
Preacher7719 wrote:
Firefrog16 wrote:
Once i wanted to trade my cards for a mount, but then the guy told me he was trying to trick someone, then I put cap lock on and told everyone that he was trying to trick them, then he ported away. Whenever someone asked mount for cards, here is what I do:

I alway tell them to show me the mount first, thats how I know if they are tricking, then they will say, i can't it wont let me, right there you definitly know they will trick you. People try that out, it might help you.

Whether he has a mount or not doesn't prove anything because you cannot gift an item already in your possession!

You can only gift something during a crowns purchase, not afterwards.

Ok ok, sheesh, i learned that a couple of weeks ago

Aug 14, 2009
I used that step today, I was out trading cards, then some guy asked to trade a mount for cards. So when he traded, i told him "I will give one card, then you give mount, then i give rest." It took a while for him to say yes, then i traded a storm lord and he went off.


Apr 05, 2010
I agree, stealing cards is not good. Still, all you did is increase his bad behavior. Why not we all just never give out treasure cards unless you want to trade them for other treasure cards, or you know he won't ditch you like that. Look on the bright side, he only stole ONE card!

Community Leader
And I think KI will not do anything because the cards you have were not a cash value. It's fake money. If it was cash value.. for instance.. if you were ripped off a broom that you paid with crowns. They'll do something about it. But cards that you get for free.. I do not think so. I know this is wrong. Because it's about honesty in this game. I know scamming for free cards is pretty stupid, but what if they move on to the bigger badder things because nobody could stop them in the very beginning??

Just do not give cards you paid real cash for or that you really love.

If you are scamming them back with bad cards, you're just scooping to their level.

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