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Odd enemy drops

Jan 12, 2011
So, sometimes, I get weird enemy drops like for example, in krokotopia, I defeated a couple nirinis and all of a sudden, I got three pink dandelion seeds. And in another occasion, where i was in marleybone, i got a hat, a robe, and some boots all in one battle. Are these supposed to happen?

May 20, 2010
Yes, both are normal. The seeds are part of the Gardening that was added to the game recently. It's not unusual to get more than one item from enemies, especially if a boss is involved.

Sep 11, 2010
I have been meaning to bring this up ... thanks OP.

I was "farming" for "named" items we often find in the Bazaar.

The idea being if it is "named", for example "Biti's Flamelicked Staff of Barbecued Mander Parts", might have 'mis-spelled' that, then one would THINK, perhaps, repeatedly killing this Biti character 100 or so times would eventually lead one to acquiring said piece of "named" equipment.

Allowing 90 minutes of "farming", a standard evening "session", I did not get the named item ... from Biti. I DID get the staff I was looking for by killing a Desert Golem OUTSIDE Biti's chambers that had sucked me into an unwanted fight while chasing health baubles between harvesting runs.

This is NOT the only time this sort of thing happened.

I am pretty much convinced great strides have been taken to reduce "farming" for coveted items by randomizing the drops as much as possible. This is NOT a bad thing. Realm-hopping and single-target farming can pretty much bring a mmorpg to its knees when EVERYBODY is trying to get the same thing from the same place at the same time.

But when Biti is not even carrying his own staff?

That's not "randomizing".

That's "subterfuge" ... and again ...

It is NOT a bad thing ...

not if it discourages activities that lead to "lag".

The bottom line is that changes have been made that make all the "drop data" published in these forums, the wiki, and everywhere else, ... "dated". The better solution, for everyone, is to simply farm for gold, not specific freebies, and buy whatever you need from the Bazaar.

Reagents are different "odd" drops.