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Observed glitches with the Spiral Cup Gauntlet

Dec 20, 2010
There are a couple noticeable glitches with the new Spiral Cup Gauntlet that need to be corrected. One glitch may be responsible for the other.

1). When you complete the dungeon and exit, the dungeon does not register as complete. The dungeon recall icon appears, and porting back in still shows that there are no other fights to complete. The only way to close it out is to change realms.

2). If you had visitors that complete the dungeon, and wandered off elsewhere in the game, and because the instance does not close out, others are getting a message that the dungeon is full when actually it isn't. Thus blocking any one else from entering. This also creates a message to others trying to port into your home that the house is full and they are unable to port.

Sep 17, 2008
I also noticed a couple of problems.

1. If you beat some of the bosses, but not all of them, lose and come back in the quest does not update and you have to kill all of them all over again - except that the ones that you killed do not spawn again. So, you have to close the entire dungeon and restart it from the beginning.

2. This may not be a glitch, but I noticed that my second attempt in the dungeon offered me only half xp, despite the fact that I never completed it even once. Though this may be due to me getting help from another player the second time I tried the dungeon. I stillcouldn't beat it even on the second attempt, though. It's tough.

Everything else in the bundle is great. I really like the mount and the new grimoire! The robe is cool, but I am not completely happy with the hood. I wish it didn't fit so tightly around your character's head.