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Not receiving Double Pet Promenade Points for Winter Spiral Showcase

Feb 13, 2010
My membership isn't due to expire until May, but I am not receiving the double points for the Pet Promenade tasks I've completed since it started. I've only received the original 100 points per day. Is there something I'm missing?

Nov 13, 2012
Not certain if the double points applies to Pet Promenade, as it only seems to show for the Winter Scroll of Fortune Event.

Jul 26, 2012
Are you referring to the Scroll of Fortune progress bar or the Pet Promenade progress bar? The double scroll points benefit only doubles event points as they apply to the Scroll of Fortune. As an example: If you gain +25 event points from hatching a pet you will only get the normal +25 amount for the Pet Promenade event progress bar, but the +25 event points that would have been simultaneously applied to the Scroll of Fortune progress bar will instead be doubled to +50.