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Not Getting Enough Power Pips

Sep 22, 2008
I've noticed my rate of getting Power Pips has been well below the 45% I'm supposed to be getting, based on the gear I wear.

This problem seems to be limited, in my experience anyway, to the multi-leveled towers/dungeons in Dragonspyre. I've done 3 such towers in the last 2 days, and I've been seeing a Power Pip rates more like 10-15%.

If it happened in just one such tower I could dismiss it as very bad luck, but it seems to be a far more consistent problem. Especially in the vaults of the Grand Chasm.

I hope this issue can be looked at before the next major patch. Thanks.

Dec 31, 2008
This has been happening to me too.

My wizard is supposed to be power pipping at over 50%, and she clearly isn't hitting that mark. I even ran tests, knowing how off human perception can be over things like this. I've recorded several battles when I notice this occurring, and the PP percentages are FAR below what they should have been. In two separate battles, for instance, I had nine regular pips in a row before hitting my first power pip (in the first battle), and eleven in a row before getting one in my second battle.

Interestingly, I've found that switching realms (servers?) seems to fix this problem. In one case when I moved over from Ambrose (one of the places where the problem was occurring) to Balestrom, the results were obvious and immediate: I began hitting my PP percentage practically right on the nose. I think Bernie is another realm where this sort of thing is going on, too.

So, anyway, I try to stay in Balestrom as much as I can, and that seems to work for me. The only problem is when the game moves you over to another realm without telling you (like when returning from a ranked match, or porting to a friend who happens to be in a different realm); so I always remember to check up on what realm I'm in from time to time.