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No more quests?

Dec 15, 2010
Hi, I'm a level 50 wizard in Dragonspyre. I recently came back to Wizard101 after a break of about 1-2 years (I'm so glad I came back, it feels like I'm home :D) and tried to pick up from where I left off in Dragonspyre (at the time, level 47). All I could find were side quests so I thought that I had to do all the side quests before continuing the story quests, then last week I finished the side quests (except for the Prospector Zeke one and the one where you have to find the books) and the quest finder said "there are no more quests in this world" so I thought maybe the next storyline quest required me to be level 50, and so I got to level 50 today and went back to Dragonspyre and the quest finder still said the same thing, so I dont know what to do and was wondering if the good people at Kingsisle would be able to help. I know I'm not done with Dragonspyre either because I think I would've remembered facing Malistaire.


~Brian Titansword Lvl.50 Storm

Sep 17, 2012