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No Bolts in arena!

Jun 16, 2009
:( Its sad! Really is! Noone understands a good game of strategy anymore I have heard both sides about bolting in arena, especially when a wizard isnt even Storm school Ridiculous!!! When in the arena, I wish bolts were not allowed or only allowed for storm school Its a fast and cheap shot that other schools can use, and its s strong spell for only 2 pips, and makes the game, not challenging, but frusterating and annoying, when yhalf the people I know want a good match, fair and square, using their schools. Extra items like beguile, dispell and negs are fine and you have a shot at working around them BUt BOLTS everyone has now, so its like why bother with schools, just have a bolting battle and see who gets lucky, since bolts its all luck! Or perhaps allow storm school to use it and all those fighting them at least know they prob will use it and have a fighting chance When I see a lifer bolt though, I cringe! Arena should be fun, but challenging, and fair, not a bunch of lucky shots! And this is something I have heard from very good higher up warlords as well, who want a good game not a lucky break! Hope this gets around and is considered :)