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New Deck Does Not Work

Dec 23, 2008
I won a new deck on a mission. It is called the Deck of Reflection. I am level 38 and have many spells. When I got the new deck, I moved all my spells from my old deck to my new deck of reflection, and then sold my old deck before testing it. Now, none of my old spells show up! I only have my cards from my wand, outfit and jewelery. What happened? Can it be fixed?
~Jason Dragonsong~

Dec 31, 2008
I had that happen to me once, and it was because I did the same thing you did. Apparently, the game doesn't like it when you have only one (advanced) deck in your possession.

Just go down to the Wizard City shops and buy the cheapest deck you can find (the Starter deck should do nicely). Once you have that, then all the spells in your other deck should show up, exactly as you arranged.

That's what I did, and it worked like a charm for me!

You also may want to double check that you have the new deck equipped. You have to manually equip them just like a new hat.