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New accounts and crown rewards

Dec 14, 2008
The deal goes like this, you send a friend or family an email invitation and they sign up and subscribe then you both get 1250 crowns. I created 3 new accounts for my wife and 2 kids off of the website not an invitation. I added those accounts to "My Accounts" as child accounts and then subscribed them. Then I sent the invitations after they were already created. yes, I'm dumb but the point is I refered 3 people and got them to sign up as it were. It is looking like "Mr Lincoln" won't allow this. I know he is just doing his job but I thought maybe someone here can pull some strings.

Can the Faculty please forgive my stupidity just this once? :)


My dear student,

I assure you that if we could, we would make an exception (myself included!). Those bringing new students to class would most certainly be on the top of the list! However, as a parent yourself, I'm sure you understand the slippery slope one could find oneself on should certain allowances and bendy rules be applied. As with most things, it's not just simply a case of waving magic wands (one of Malistaire's minions happens to dabble in the accounting arts!), and the link embedded in the invitation email starts a background chain of events far beyond the scope of most of the faculty's powers.

I trust you do understand when we say we're unable to perform some action upon request - we sincerely try to say "yes" as much as possible!

Good Luck!