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My suggestions for new crown ideas

Jul 05, 2008
1. I would really like to be able to get back some crowns if I sell crown gear back not gold. Or at the very least have a trade up discount. I have played the game both ways. With crown gear and not. It is actually more exciting trying to win great drops than being oh nothing is as good as I bought.

Except for maybe wands or pets I see no need to purchase crowns anymore especially if I play with a friend. Though playing solo it helps alot to have good crown gear.

After buying so much crown gear with nothing to show for it and sitting there usless now. I see no need to spend more money on it. Except as I say for a pet or wands. So I really think Wizards needs to look at this issue and see what they can offer. To entice us to keep buying crowns.

2. Also many web sites offer it members so many gold, coins per month etc. To purchase exclusive items or give members free item each month. We have seen a little of this with wizards maybe we could see more. say getting 3,000 gold coins a month.

Suggestions for crown items

Nice to have holiday items but have a card attached at least.
Still believe all pets bought with crowns should have a playing card attached at least. I will never buy a pet that just looks cute. Though I know many do. Which is just my personal preference.

But add a +30 or a playing card then off course I will.

Maybe we could dye clothes for crowns or as a paying member one free outfit dye a month :)

Buy playing cards that you could get with crowns. Kinda like the booster pack but after wasting money on these not worth it. Most of what I got was usless in the higher levels.
So learned my lesson there.Though great for lower level wizards.

Make these crwon cards level specific.

Lets say you are in Mooshu. Have a store there that sells cards level 30 and up. Have it have cards that are not sold in Wizard city or Krokotopia. At least I would use the cards. Make them crown cards. Not too expensive but also have a gold value to them as well.

Maybe have dorm rooms we could sit and chat. Standing in some areas are just too crowded to say anything.

Hey I would spend lots of crowns that I coud buy something that would prevent others from jumping into a fight near the last round. !!!!! Kinda like a shield to put over the fight that stops people from entering.
Now that would be cool :) It could be an icon on the side of our screen. We could purchase so many shield domes. And the number shows up and we click it and tada a dome shield to protect us from jumpers.

Take it one step further a dome that would keep people who teleport in with out asking in a fight so they can not flee :) Now to me that is work some crowns :)

A pet place where we could keep our beta dragon or friendly dragon that any character on our account could pick up and use. Say a place to rent for so many crowns. This stops the value from going down and keep it special.

That way not tradeable and only used by the characters you have active.

Just some ideas

Number 7 is addressed in the secret sneak peek at the Friendly Necromancer blog.

Read the Interview and find out the Secret!

Jul 05, 2008
Yeah my dragon and I will be friends again yup my wizard life is now complete :) Seriously this is one thing that bugged me alot. Can not wait to get to know him again.

Also this means if you want to delete a character you will not lose your dragon. Yeah :) Thank you KI

Jul 05, 2008
Gamma wrote:
Number 7 is addressed in the secret sneak peek at the Friendly Necromancer blog.

Read the Interview and find out the Secret!

It took awhile but I found the post from Gamma. That basically said that friendly and beta dragons will be tradeable between you own account. I knew I was not loosing it.

Ok so why is this not available in the test server yet. I can understand not knowing what to do with other pets you have won. But this seems straight forward to me.

Jul 05, 2008
Hi there. I have notice that some pets are tranferable if they have no card attached. If the issue is the +30 shield. I would be more than happy to give that up. I just like my dragon. It is unique.

But I still think my dragon should be transferable.