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my quest STOP

Aug 17, 2013
my name is lolipo353t and i was to explore the chancel and my friend ask for help in the cailburn empire? something like that so after i defeat the 3 sharks and 3 anglers when i got my xp i lvl up so when he gonna tell me to pick up weapons i think i ported to my other friend she was at home i did not want to continue the quest because it was not mine now the portal is open bot the light from the ground is not there so deleted the game and am gonna try again plz help me

Aug 18, 2011
Can you make your post much more clear? I couldn't understand the many things you typed. Also to your post, my answer is that someone already picked them up and you have to wait for them to respawn in the same or different location.

Jul 18, 2010
Woah woah woah um honestly I'm sorry to say but I don't really understand what you're saying...
Ok so you're main quest was to do the chancel ok cool and your friend asked you for help in the crustacean empire. You helped with his quest and you got xp for it? Ok I know for a fact that's a main quest so you must have leveled up just by fighting. So then you're friend wanted to have you help him pick up weapons? You can't help him it's impossible. So you didn't want to do it so you teleported to your friends home.... Then what? The portal? Light from the ground? By portal do you mean the spiral door? And by light on the ground do you mean the yellow arrow called quest helper? Nothing's wrong with your game if this is what you meant. I'll be happy to help you figure out you're problem.