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My Pet Peeves and suggestions to make it better

Jul 05, 2008
1. Get some crowns back for selling back clothing to upgrade to new clothing.

I would like to get some crowns back for clothing purchased. I am getting tired of buying crowns for each new level I go up. Yes I do not need to do this. However, to not get at least 1/3 value in crowns back to upgrade to a new character is beginning to look greedy to Kings Isle. Especially since it is taking so long for the new land to open up. I know my husband is now on his third character and is just bored now. I am just getting bored too.

So I think first you should set up at store for selling crown clothing only and give us some crowns back not coins.

2. Want to be able to transfer Beta Dragon to my other characters.

Next being a beta player my first character has the dragon. Which is sad because I really like my second character first. I would like a way to be able to transfer the dragon to my other characters. Or a place where only beta characters can go to get another beta dragon.

3. More places for social interaction

This is just a suggestion could we have a place to have more social interaction. Maybe the dorm rooms could have chairs to sit in and a place to hang. Tired of meeting a bunch of people around the wizard commons pond.

4. Big Frustration: Friends list that do not carry over

Because of the time taking to build dragonspyre many have started one or two more characters problem is they have few friends from their first character on it. Thus making the game more tedious and boring. Finding all your friends again is almost impossible. Please make a way to carry friends over to other characters.

5. No credits for doing instances more than 3 times

Please make the instances at least worth 100 credits for doing it. I have made it to level 45 and am so bored. Because there is no challenge anymore. Some token is better than no token at all. It just gets too frustrating waiting. And just because Drgaonspyre will be open in the end we will all end up the in the same place waiting for another world.

6. A special pass you can purchase to bypass a lot of the tedious first steps of Wizard city.

Also making another character and going through the basic wizard city is so boring so very very boring. Anyway we could use crowns to by pass most of the boring stuff and start say level 10. Nothing like going from 230 mana to 10. Maybe with the special pass we could also by pass dueling 101 and dueling 102. Visiting all the teachers, maybe make it more challenging in Colossus to make up the point?

7. Missing in action Professor Ambrose

Also I think we forget about Prof. Ambrose. We really need quests that go back to him. I miss seeing him. Need more quests that keep him updated on our advancement. Going for advice extra.

8. Frustrations with location of Balance school

Any way to add a room or door in Ravenwood that would teleport us students to the school in Krokosphinx. It is a pain to have to take the boat across. Also the interiors of the Krokotopia library needs fix as it is sad not to see my schools banners.

9. What is the point of wasting crowns on holiday clothing?

At least sell holiday clothing with an some card associated with it. Except for dress up when not fighting it is a waste of crowns. I am sure more people would use there crowns for this if the clothing was a benefit somehow.I know some kids like to run around dressed up. But I think you are missing the boat on this one.

So those are my pet peeves but with suggestions to fix the issues. Please consider

Jul 15, 2008
Hmm i agree with most of that :D


I totally agree for the sell back. I was hoping maybe a 3 day return as when i bought 3 of the halloween staffs I soon wished I hadnt =/ It was trying annoying to see 900 crowns down the drain as such..


Then about the pioneer. Being in beta a long time I would hope ALL my characters would have the pet to show for it but alas only my first has the great reward..


About the dorms.. Wow I so agree. Went into the female dorms and thought wow, this looks amazing and then went back to my boys dorm and thought.. how dull =/ Its truly annoying having to go there now..


Yup. I would of hoped my close friends would be transfered but as they arent its just a waste trying to meet up =/ This isnt that big of an issue for me but sometimes I'm on my 2nd or 3rd char and would just like to say hi ..


Yea its also very annoying only getting rewarded the first 2 times, why not 5 or 10? Its silly that we only get rewards twice as now we cant get further unless we spend hours and hours grinding..


I half agree. After the fast pace and big battles of Moo Shu I'm not in a big hurry to speed there on my other chars. Would rather spend time but on some I wish I could jump to the end of Wiz City. Yea..


Hmm I noticed this too. You rarely see him if ever after Wizard City. Yea every now and then you will go too him but did we see him through our Moo Shu quests? If we did I dont remember......


Ah sorry but not having any of my chars balance yet I dont see the big deal...... Sorry. But it is very tedious always taking the boat to that island, especially if you die of whatever, you not only have to run back to where you were but take a long boat ride..


When I wore my "Dress Up" gear I was sincerely hoping it would have the sae advantages but I lose a lot of health and bonuses from my gear.. It seems tedious and I would wish that my bonuses got transfered to my "Dress Up" gear so I could wear them in battle :D

Come on KI help us out a bit :)

Jul 05, 2008
Aessa422 wrote:

Ah sorry but not having any of my chars balance yet I dont see the big deal...... Sorry. But it is very tedious always taking the boat to that island, especially if you die of whatever, you not only have to run back to where you were but take a long boat ride..

Ok let me give an example. Say you are in Mooshu or Marleybone. You click the dorm bed and viola you are at your school area. The one that can not do this is Death. So they click dorm then go to commons.

Now for Balance to get to their school. They need to either do the following. Click home go through the spiral to krokotopia then take a boat ride.

Or Click dorm room go out to the spiral to Krokotopia and then take a boat ride.

Now say you have Balance as prime school and death and minor. That is sure a lot of traveling. So tended to wait to do both at the same time.

And did not pick up my spells right away because it was a pain. Hope that helps in understanding.

It would not even be so bad if Balance school was on the main land in Krokotopia. But that boat ride is just not fun.

Community Leader
Specifically about the diminished returns for running instances -- is there any possible way that after a week or so of not doing an instance, it could once again be run for the original experience? That should prevent people from rapidly exploiting Crimson Fields for fast leveling by doing the wood gathering and barricades quests, while still allowing us to progress.

I've done pretty much every instance I can think of, at least twice, and am nearly to 46. Just so frustrating to have no quests left to do and also be prevented from even leveling a character nowhere near the level cap...

Sep 08, 2008
Hmm, Littlebelle. Seems you have issues.

Crowns. You spend cash to get crowns. Then you ask for free/semi-free upgrades. That simply defeats the entire purpose of the Crown shop. I am amazed I say that, I am very anti-crown. However, you are not the only one begging for free/semi-free upgrades. Lots of crown buyers whine about it.

Halloween gear. It is a fun aspect of the game. If you do not see the point in purchasing Halloween gear, then simply do not purchase it. I actually bought crowns to buy a cool looking Halloween set with a black cat pet.

You make a very good point about the introduction to Wizard City. I created new wizards, and found it a bit tedious to go through walked-through tutorials again. There should be perhaps an option to directly skip to the game, with the spells automatically added in your inventory.

I also have to agree with the limited exp. I had mentioned this on another reply somewhere around here, but something should be done, even if it only slightly prevents you from getting bored. I am level 45, done every quest and instance except for, whatchamacallit, the hard instance in Marleybone. I have recently renewed my effort to collect on some more exp by repeatedly fighting a rank 7 boss, but that exp gain was exceptionally miniascule.

Increase the amount of exp earned in random fights and boss fights. Make the random encounters and boss fights worth more than sellable drops. That would encourage grinding. I am a grinder, I prefer to grind rather than do quests after quests after quests. For those that are grinders like me that simply like watching their wizards cast spells and wreak havoc on their mobs, allowing us to grind to work towards feasible level gains will greatly improve the game. I am not asking for an easy hand-out. But I am asking to be allowed to level on random encounter fights. (And not having to spend entire weeks to gain an extremely small amount of exp.)

Another way to allow us to actually reach our level cap is to keep letting instances give us exp. I realize as to why you dont get exp after completing an instance 2 or 3 times, but perhaps it can be done in such a way that any further instance completions only give you half the original exp.

I enjoy the game, regardless, and compliment Wizard101 staff.

Jul 05, 2008
Shiningfantasia wrote:
Hmm, Littlebelle. Seems you have issues.

Crowns. You spend cash to get crowns. Then you ask for free/semi-free upgrades. That simply defeats the entire purpose of the Crown shop. I am amazed I say that, I am very anti-crown. However, you are not the only one begging for free/semi-free upgrades. Lots of crown buyers whine about it.


My point is not want free or semi free stuff. My point is we buy our clothing with crowns so when we sell clothing we should get crowns back not gold. Why should I buy with crowns to get gold back. Seems a little unfair. I would like the equal equivalent of crowns for the gold offered.

So that is not begging. Looking at what it cost for gold using crowns. Only want what is fair. I can understand you have a different opinion but please do not judge me as a whiner. As whiner whine and do not give constructive suggestions. No where was I begging for free or semi free!!!!

I do not appreciate being lumped into this group. And yes paying real cash for the crowns is my choice. I am just saying that in the long run many may just stop buying crowns thus the money Kings Isle is making now could be less in the future. Give a little to the consumer get more back in return.

Jul 18, 2008
Hi All

I would like to make the suggestion of being able to trade items between characters. Would be wonderful to make gifts possible for your dearest friends, but if that would be to much to ask for, well I am sure it would be reasonable to be able to gift your own self with items from one character to another on your own account. I am tired of getting the best possible boss drop of one school while I am on the character from of another school. I think that would be more than fair. I truely think being able to gift any one is the best bet. You could even buy crown gifts and Holiday presents for those people on your list who are very special.
So please consider making gifting of items and crown items a very real idea.

Thanks , Grandmaster Grace

Sep 28, 2008
I have a problem in the game where you cannot say numbers it is not right to where people cant say levels without using menu chat. This is the worse pet peeve i have it gets tiring and another i think people should get minions at lower levels not at level 38 or what not so wizard101 faculty read my message plz these are my worst pet peeves