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My new Wand and Staff Ideas.

Nov 07, 2008
Well I haven't got all the ideas yet so I might put them in different post but here are some of my ideas for new weapons we can use at level 48 when we learn the new spells. There all 110 damage and I'll try to describe the attack looks and the weapon looks.

Fire-Dragon Fang Staff- Go to the Center and do what Malistaire does but with fire- A Golden Scaled Staff with a circle of fangs and a fireball at the top.

Ice-Giant's Warhammer- Do what the Frost Giant Does- Same as Frost Giant

Storm-Storm Lord's Staff of the Sea- Do what the Golems do while summoning lightning- Same as Storm Lord

Oct 24, 2008
love the idea the storm staff i woude buy.
i hope that they will use this idea.

Dec 02, 2008
The trouble with a 110 damage staff is that it requires level 60, which is above the level cap. Surely it shouldn't be more powerful than a 100 damage sword that requires level 50, which is currently the best in the game.

Mar 03, 2009
Actually, the 100 damage swords are for level 45+

For level 50+, 110 would probably be the max allowable, as there was a 10 point increase between the highest swords in Dragonspyre from the swords available in MooShu with only a 5 level increase in requirement.

Sep 20, 2008

I personally have stated that Wands should have a personalizing option, something like this:

-> Form: Choose from a Wand, Staff, or Sword. Its like picking a color or name, except that it sets an appearance for the Wand in question.

-> Magic: Pick from 1 of 3 options/ Wand attacks, giving a set amount of uses per damage-choosen; A Spell of choice, as if from a piece of Gear; or the "Novice Set", a bunch of 1-Pip Spells like that one being sold now.

-> Options: A single stat bonus, like the extra Pip given by the Mooshu Wands or a bonus to a single other stat. A penalty (for those who think its actually a good thing) would lower the cost by making it less useful.

The final cost in Gold is determined by the options you set; so cheap wands are less powerful while extremely powerful Wands/Staffs/Swords would have equally extreme price tags. Balance of power through basic Law of Financing; By the time they can afford their Uber-Wand, its suddenly not so powerful.... heh....

Be kind with your options, fellow students....

Scarlet SkullHammer (Death 37, Black Cat Pet, "Shadow")


Oct 19, 2008
Here are some of my ideas...

Kraysys' Doom sword- gives 100 death- looks like a long thin sword- defeat Kraysys.

Palldin's blade of the fight- gives 100 storm- looks like a long blade with the sword coming out both sides (like Darth Maul's lightsaber)- defeat Gallium Palladin.

Malistaire's sword of Death- gives 100 death- looks like a big, dangerous glowing sword that comes with a special move, like a skull comes out and opens mouth and then the wielder pops out- defeat Malistaire.

Vladimir Darkflames wraith mace- gives 100 death- looks like a giant mideviel mace- Defeat Vladimir Darkflame.

that's all folks!

Michael Lotusblade, Crusher Crusher