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Muted for no reason!

Sep 16, 2009
Professor Greyrose wrote:
MasterKhalil12 wrote:
OK Mr.Lincoln I am very sorry!! I really don't deserve my account back but if you gave it back you should at least gimme my chat back. I even got a membership to see if I can fix this!! Please help me or at least lower my mute too like 1 week please Mr.Lincoln I am very very sorry

Mr Lincoln's answer was very clear and very final. No more posts by you on this subject will be approved and Mr Lincolns decision will not change. You are skirting very close to also being banned from the message boards, young Wizard.

I know this is very old, and everything but i just wanted to quote this. i agree very much so with your answer. people begging to have text chat or open chat again is sad to me. if you gave out info are ask for it it was your own fault for doing so in the first place. also even if they DID give you back your chat then how would they know if you really would not give out info? how well they know that you well stink up to your promise and not go back and do it again then only to come back and ask to have your chat back again? no i have never been muted before and i don't plan to give out any info or ask for it. only ONCE have i been reported and since then i have never tried to do anything to cross the lines, and the only info i really ask of people is 'what time is it?' because i don't have a clock. if you ask people about what city there from, what's there password or anything among those lines, you desave it and if i got mute for doing such things as that i would be glad i didn't get banned, and i wouldn't complain because if i ask that type of thing then i agree that should get muted and even banned. that is all good bye evryone have a nice day in the spiral.

Jul 31, 2008

also even if they DID give you back your chat then how would they know if you really would not give out info? how well they know that you well stink up to your promise and not go back and do it again then only to come back and ask to have your chat back again? .

I just wanted to point out that this is a really poor argument. It is poor because the reason that punishments are given is because of the belief that once the person has suffered the punishment, he or she will try to behave himself or herself in such a way as to avoid the punishment in a future occasion.

You are right, nobody KNOWS if a person, after being punished will become better in the future. But that is the foundation in which the penalty system is based. When you tell your dog "No! Bad Dog" it's because you intend for him to learn that what he did was wrong. When you tell a child "No! That's wrong" Its because you expect (notice the difference between intend and expect) the child to learn.

Therefore, each punishment is given, or should be given with the intent that the person who suffers it learns his or her lesson. This means that even the person who gives the punishment must believe that the person who receives it will learn and be better in the future.

That being said, I must also point out that KI is in a very difficult situation regarding discipline. They can not be too lax in their disciplinary actions because they are, in a way, responsible for the safety of now millions of people. They have to make sure that they do all that they can so that the players who trust their time and money on KI will play in a safe and pleasant environment. At the same time they can't be too harsh because being too harsh will draw a unnecessary line between them and the players, resulting in a negative view from the players to them (KI).

In this particular case (the 10 year chat ban) I have to give KI the right of it. The punishment may be harsh, but what could have happened is much worse. This is a case all players should read, just so that they know that their actions have consequences. I'm certain that if many players knew that, they would behave very differently.

Feb 28, 2011
hp1055cm wrote:
Just a word about reporting.
I have been reported twice I think, and have reported someone else maybe 5 times. When you are reported you recieve a message to tell you in the game. If you report someone else you get a drop down choice for the reason plus a short sententence for the subject.
If you want to add a further explanation or context you can port to your house for privacy and then use chat. They read the before and after chat logs so I believe they will see the chat you add afterwards.
I have done this several times to explain the incident in more detail and help provide context.

Thank you for this idea! I was reported once by a kid who got mad cuz I joined the duel he was in but ya cant exactly back out. I simply said I need to fight these guys too. He was rude, then tried to friend me, then called me an 'as crack' so yes vulger language can be used these kids know how, then he reported me after calling me that! And he continued to harrass me, so I reported him, but that box barely lets you say anything to explain so I ended up reporting him 3 times to explain in detail. Now I know that if there is more I need to say, I will port home and type it in the chat box, thx for the awesome idea.
And as it turns out, I didnt get in trouble, since I didnt do anything. idk what happened to that kid tho.

Feb 28, 2011
Cheryl09 wrote:
Christopher lifestalker,

I think the answer to your question of why you were muted was in your post

"The most personal thing I've ever asked anyone is what town they are in, or what state. Sometimes, if I know the area, I ask what neighborhood,."

That right there is a clear violation....


Ellie, I read the terms of use Zeke refers us to. No where in it did I see this as a violation. In fact, number 8 under 'use of the site' says this:
(8) collect information about others (including e-mail addresses) without their consent;
The reason I point this out is i cant see that KI is reading every single comment by every single player all the time, so how would they see that he ask what town or state the person lived in. If you ask someone about where they live, it isnt a violation technically. If that person feels uncomfortable with you asking, they could report you. Now i'm an adult, and I finally met another adult in the game. Having full open chat we enjoyed discussing our families, admitted our ages (and her age is equal to legend lvl but i'm younger) we discussed medical issues and all sorts of stuff. Where we lived, time zone difference. She has many issues understanding parts of the game and there were just many things that would have taken too long to type and she doesnt read and grasp it fast, and I felt bad for her. I offered to type it up and send it to her if she wanted, she was overjoyed. we exchanged addresses, phone numbers and birthdates. The violation is collecting information without the persons consent. We were fully consenting to share info, in private chat to each other so no one else saw it, and she was so greatful to have someone who was a sincere friend.
So basically I dont believe someone was muted for asking what town or state someone lived in unless the other person felt uncomfortable and reported them. Now some kids in this game ask my age for whatever reason (many seem to want to date in the game, i dont understand this) but if I dont feel like sharing that info I decline in some polite way. If they chose to unfriend me fine. No one's ever been rude and reported me, assuming they'd realize they may get in trouble for asking a personal question and reporting me for declining to answer is false reporting.

Anyways, that's my opinion on the matter. Unless there is another set of terms of use that I havent seen, the one Zeke refers to doesnt indicate any violation in asking for, discussing or sharing personal information except for user names and passwords. If I'm wrong on this topic, please let me know. I'm always open to comments, suggestions and complaints, it's always best to know than not to know.

Taryn :-)