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Multiple Glitches

Dec 26, 2010
I have found what 3 different problems in game the last couple of days. First I'll start with the one I'm having happen constantly to my death wiz. I have no accuracy on my gear and I understand this will cause fizzles since death spells only have 85% accuracy. But my wiz has had every spell that was an attack fizzle the first time I try to hit every time I have gotten second instead of first turn since I entered alto alto a couple days ago. I am now in Khrysalis and still every time I go second my first attack fizzles.

Second something seems to be wrong with the pull from the minion mobs in Khrysalis. I have walked right in front of several mobs and not gotten pulled into battle. Conversely I've been really far away from the mobs and have somehow gotten pulled despite being nowhere near them.

My third glitch is in the fight against Sofia Darkside in Khrysalis I was chain stunned for 4 turns in a row by the myth minion and the 2 ice minions causing me to lose the battle. The 3 minions should not all be able to either use the ice stun spell, frost giant, and any of the myth spells that stun all on the same turn 4 times in a row ensuring that I'm stunned no matter what.

Apr 15, 2018
Happening same to me too and my character doesn't even go critical anymore since my upgrade?