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Mr. Lincoln Please answer

Feb 15, 2009
I have several issues with W101.
1- When casting blizzard and it fizzles (what a shock), I still lose all my PIPs. What's up with this?
2- When casting a TRI-shield spell, it removes the wrong shield. Like if I cast a tri-shield with fire and ice in it, then cast an ice spell it removes the fire shield. When I cast the fire spell, it removes the ice shield... What's going on here?
3- In Grizzleheim at NO time does my quest nor quest helper take me to the 2 brothers on Winterdeep Warren and Helgrind Warren. Instead, it takes me straight to Jotun! That's not right. I'm level 50 Necromancer and I can't defeat all 3 brothers together even WITH another lvl 50 necromancer grandmaster. PLEASE FIX THIS ONE!
4-Drops...I get more housing drops and crafting drops than anything. I once spent 6 hrs in Grizzleheim and had over 22+ pgs of crafting stuff and 4+ pgs of housing items. Come on People!!
Lastly, Grizzleheim is S-L-O-W no matter what realm I'm on (I usually stick to perfect for more ideal game play situations). I STILL clock/lag when loading from one screen to another.
I do like the teleport stones in Grizzleheim and hope that feature continues or gets put to use elsewhere, but these problems above are really adding up to some very poor game play experience.
I'm an over 21+ adult and so I know how to program my computer for optimal performances and I have yet to have issues elsewhere in the game, it's all almost always limited to Grizzleheim. Please help; I can't see how I'm the only person with any of these problems.