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More Weird Glitches

Jun 15, 2013
Ok so my character's body occasionally goes black. I can see the outfit she's wearing and the weapon she's caring but she's all black. That also happens to a few trees I have near the Life House I have. Then I went to Dragonspyre and noticed that the spiders had turned completely black. Totally black crawling spiders. I used one of the transporters and when I got to the transporter sphere, the name above one of the transporter statues was gone. I could barely see the name above it. The one next to it had misaligned text. I'm starting to think these new updates KI have implemented are causing this. I haven't had any problems on any one site. I stream video and play other games just fine on my computer. But when I log into the game, I'm having these issues. And just a few days ago, nothing was wrong.