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More variation in my wizard's look

Sep 14, 2008
I use Zeke's crown wear because it is some of the most effective clothing but I would really like to vary my wizard's style a bit. I get all these cool clothes as drops but they are less effective than my crown wear.

I would love to have the ability to have two (or more) sets of clothing. One equipped for their effects and one (or more) for their look. The Lord of the Rings Online game has such a system. The "costume" gear is just for appearance. They allow for two optional costume sets. This lets you alter style without losing the benefits of the best gear.

On the topic of equipment, I would also like to be able to lock certain equipment so I cannot accidentally sell it. Or barring that, allow for gear to be purchased back if sold by accident. I need to spend gold to get under the max gold limit and was going to buy some alternate crown wear.

Jul 25, 2008
those are good points and i agree with them all.
on the subject of changing our wizard's appearance, i think there should be a barber shop where you can change your hair style and color. maybe the basic colors could be for gold, and deluxe/LE styles could be crown items. i bet lots of people would like to have dreadlocks, a mohawk, rainbow hair, etc!

May 21, 2008
I think those are great ideas Heustess, and I agree. I also think that like with the holiday crown items you should be able to use them as the 'costume' items you mentioned, and then use the normal crown items at the same time for their stat boosts and whatnot. I also like your barber shop idea banzai, that would be really cool.

Jul 12, 2008
I agree. I get a lot of neat stuff from Marleybone which I don't wear as they blow all the power off me.

Sep 02, 2008
I have to agree. Now that I am at a higher level I see a lot of xerox copies of myself walking around. The only difference is their pet or the color of the clothes (but not the style). I like that we can pay to dye the clothes a different color but how about the option to perhaps change the style of the clothes but be able to keep the abilities that the original clothing had?