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More uses for the dorm besides storage and some Op

Dec 12, 2008
If you have another idea please edit your post and add your new idea to your existing ones. This would keep the forum semi-clean and your cooperation will be much appreciated

Achievements :
-Badge display case, hey its a title why not a shiny peice of metal too.
-Book shelf, those books we collect why not condense them into one book each and put them on a shelf.
-Mannequin, put your prized equipment or whatever you want on it.
-Pet Cage, who doesnit want a mini evil snowman trapped in a hanging cage :)

Uses :
-Increased Healing rate along with added Mana regeneration.
-Deck Naming, you sit at the desk and label your decks
-Surveys/Homework, sit at your desk and answer questionnaire's in-game in the form of homework, in return the user gets a reward like a treasure card. This would not only benefit the user but supply wizard101/kingsisle with info that could be useful for future development.

Option settings :
- Ability to disable friend offers
- Ability to disable the go to location button for all or select user's, I'm not trying to be rude with asking this but sometimes people teleporting in makes things worse or very inconvenient.

More ideas to come in the next few posts. Others ideas are welcome but please keep them realistic in the sense that this is a dorm room in Wizard101's Wizard City, not some personal battle arena or party room.

Dec 10, 2008
I also suggest being able to actually decorate the room.

Some Ideas on that:
1: Change what school banners are hanging in your room.
2: Change the colors of the walls and furniture.
3: Change out furniture for different ones.
4: Theme sets (ie krokotopia theme set, mooshu theme set, death school theme set.)

You could even have it where you buy the furniture and stuff,

Sep 20, 2008