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More Suggestions from the new guy

Mar 14, 2009

1. For the ghoul spell it sounds like a bunch of bones being thrown around when he bursts out of the ground but there are no bones. I was thinking maybe when he explodes out of the ground it could be in a shower of little bones to match the sound effect.
Also if you could make it so the tombstones dont reverse when he heals you that would be great.

2. This one is very important:
I'ts very annoying to do a ranked PVP match and get matched with someone with DOUBLE your HP or more. If there is nobody around your level to fight it should just keep looking not match me with someone more then five levels above.
A simple fix would just be to set it so it never sets up up with anyone more then three levels above you.

3. I think it would be really cool and atmospheric if there were a few NPC's that actually wandered around town and occasionally did a scripted conversation. It seems like every single npc is static which doesnt make things feel lifelike. Just 1-2 wandering npc's per zone would really add to the immersion without affecting resources.

4. Connected to above, I noticed merchants never say anything when you interact with them just go straight to the shops screen. It would be cool if they gave you a random comment or rumor, or mention a recent quest you completed or make a comment about your spell school before you go to the shop screen. It would make them feel alot more lifelike and would be a cool way to add story tidbits to the game, similar to the rumor system in baldurs gate.

5. I would really like a personal high score for the minigames. So I know when I beat my best previous high score, right now all I ever see is the top list which is waay higher then my best. It would be nice to have a personalized high score list to give you a goal to beat when you play.

6. I suggest adding/enhancing the secondary school/Training Point tutorial. It really isnt very helpful right now. And TP are one of the most confusing aspects of the game.

7. A sub forum for each of the primary schools would be cool. A place for students of each school to go to discuss decks and spell strategies. Also I mentioned it before but a new player questions and answers forum is really needed.

Thanks in advance