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Jun 21, 2008
I would think it would be so cool if we could have a mana card. I don't even care if is a treasure card but I do think we should have one. We have many cards to help us with health but not mana. Maybe it can be jewelry to fill that mana instead of having to leave a fight to get more mana. If all of your bottles are empty and you are in an instanced area, it's not good to leave and then come back. This would help greatly. Thanks Headmaster and Faculty for listening and hopefully putting this in the game.

Sep 08, 2008
Meh, thinking about it, I would have to disagree. If you use up your bottles, plan ahead of time and refill them before you enter the instance.

I have never been in a situation, where I actually went through an entire mana pool, including my potions, and ran out of mana inside an instance. Thing is, characters I think would become a bit overpowered if they are able to virtually have endless amounts of mana.

I have come across a very good friend of mine, who opted for some very nice power pip and power boosting equipment, who was running around with only 58 mana. And he was level 21.

58 mana at level 10+ or so I thought was too little! Especially when quests send you out to kill those mobs, and then collect this many items from this many mobs.

Having 2 potions starting out in Krokotopia, you have two opportunities to completely recharge your mana to full, instantly. But you should be fully aware of the repercussions (did I spell that right?) that a very small mana pool has.

Aug 19, 2008
Did you know that some items of clothing increase your heath point and your mana?

If you hold your cursor over the clothing description in your book you will see the "benefits" of any piece of clothing.

As you get to higher levels you can also get additional pips percentages by changing clothes.

Amazingly your mana pouches increase to match whatever your current mana count is.

Good luck with that!

Jun 21, 2008
I know of the clothing that will help you with mana, I am well aware of that. I am level 30 Balance(life2nd,death3rd). I have three bottles plus clothing that gives me about 200 mana. I have another student who is storm that could definitely use it as their spells work only 70% of the time. I never enter an instance unless my health and potions are full. I think a good example of why a mana card or jewel would be nice is for lower levels before you receive a potion card and if you are a higher level wizard in an instance area and there are no healers around or you are alone, it would let you stay in the fight a little longer. Based on your comments, I think a treasure card would be best as it will be a one use card and you could get it by going to the Treasure card store or a enemy can drop it. I just think it is something that should be considered.Thank you all for your feedback.

Sep 20, 2008
well, beginners dont have to worry about mana because they only have 2 spells and there are mana wisps on the street. after a while you get used to low mana and if you dont like it, buy some equipment that gives mana boosts.

im in mooshu and all my equipment gives a high health and mana boost. my health is over 2100 and my mana is over 200.

Jun 21, 2008
There are instanced areas that I believe would be great for mana cards if they were available. I've been lucky that I've played with someone when I get to some tough instances but what if you are alone? Should you use a potion after every fight? As for as for as new players, That only applies to Unicorn way and the Commons. Although most areas are safe as you get to upper levels, there are some places where even the most experienced players can get pulled in a fight. I am one who does not like to flee. Also, I don't think anyone has factored in the fact that some schools have a higher fizzle rate than others. YOu can have a fight that you use most of your mana(yes up to 200) because of fizzling. I think it would be cool.

Aug 20, 2008
plumblossum wrote:
YOu can have a fight that you use most of your mana(yes up to 200) because of fizzling. I think it would be cool.

Keen Eye cards exist for a reason. Same for accuracy bonus gear. If you're fizzling so much, take some action to correct the problem.

Jun 21, 2008
I noticed this has been viewed 300 times but only responses by beta or experienced players

Community Leader
If beta or experienced players have not found it to be a problem, then it means

Jun 21, 2008
Tipa wrote:
If beta or experienced players have not found it to be a problem, then it means

It means that we are the only ones who created and posted responses to this post? I would love to have a mana card but I do think everyone put valid points and you usually run out of health before anything.

More Mana Please Poem
Tatiana Ruby Blossum

Oh if I could have a mana card,
how sweet it could be.
I'll only have to worry about my mana
if I was to flee!

Jun 06, 2009
That would be a cool idea. Or a spell like Donate Power, but instead it it called, Donate Energy. If your friend is really low on mana you can donate some of your mana to your friend. Like maybe a hundred mana donated. I have never had a time where I am low on mana. I havn't been low on mana for a very long time. One blue wisp gives me 44 mana refilled. It is always filled. 58 mana is really low, but it is worth it if he has good stats. Why I never run out? Because I have some of the highest mana in game. 506 mana I have. That is good mana, thing is I have some bad stats. It is the crown equipment which gives you the best stats. SInce you want mana I just recommend getting some good athames and rings and getting a pet that gives you mana. Just wait, by the time you know it you will have 300 mana starting MB if you get the best mana.