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More Gregac Ideas

Jan 06, 2009
Temporary Potion bottles that can be purchased

Set of daily quest that random ask for a pool of say 300 + math, Science, History quests (But Real world question, so the game can teach as well, no time limit on answer the questions though, so they can be researched). should give much of a award for all correct answer, but in the neighborhood of 25XP, 100gold.. I would write the questions in a database of your choosing if you like (I can separate the type, so you could have three types of dailies).

An hour warning after two hours of how long you have been playing, to tell you to take a break, get something to drink and stretch.

A tournament where you are going up against an actually randomly generate gauntlet, the higher you get the better the score, (Kind of like a huge mini-game).

Jan 06, 2009
Wizards invisibility: 50 second cooldown, also you to walk unseen by npc, so we don't have to also muck around hugging corners, when getting to and fro.

Ability to challenge all school heads to duel (It was nice getting to one of them won't give away who so its not a spoiler).

Instead of pet having spell cards have them be able to dispel incoming spell effects of themselves (IE: dark sprite dispelling all incoming dark sprite spells).

For if off campus living is done: Additional adding (Hall of badges). So you can show off all your honors.

A village announcer/idiot, that announce random things or moderated announcements for crowns that repeat at semi randomly intervals to each world, main area.