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Monsters should follow magic school when casting!

Jun 04, 2009
I can no longer solo this game. A monster's name shows its school (ice, fire, storm, etc) but they cast EVERYTHING! How do you defend your precious health points against that? I fought some "Ice" kroks who cast NOTHING but Myth. What's up with that? So far, knowing what an enemy's school is only tells you what boosts on them. Then they actively shield against it. Battles are becoming no-win situations, or at least losing 90% of your health before finishing one.

Jotun instances and Malistaire need solo options. I game late at night, and none of my friends want to start one of those at 2am.

Kensington Park is ridiculous. To need 4 grand masters for any dungeon is ridiculous.

KingsIsle, if we can't at least prepare for a battle, why battle? And what's up with every monster you meet casting weakness on you?

And another thing - you may want to look at how often your Storm monsters fizzle. It's not NEARLY as often as we do! Not fair! BOOOOOOO!

Dec 23, 2008
You're right about needing modifications for solo players. But it's not about which school powers the enemies are using. They can use any school they want ... same as you. They can also boost their accuracy percentage ... same as you.

Oh -- and I also want to know What's Up with Weakness?!!

May 23, 2009
I didn't even bother with the Kensington park instance. I tried it once, I thought we got all the way through, but it still wasn't finished. Jotun, was impossible even for me at grandmaster level. I brought my son in who is also a grandmaster. It took having all three potions filled, and when we die, hitting escape, taking a bottle and rejoining the battle.....two hours of it....before we were done. Even still, the last time my son died, he had to catch wispies in order to get life because he had died 4 times! Seriously! I'm with you on the weaknesses too. Bleh.

Jun 14, 2009
I must disagree. All of the quest that you have mention, I have solo, including Jotun. Although they can be difficult to beat alone, it can be done. Just as you can choose a second school, and protections, the mobs and bosses do the same. It is all about your stragedy. If you see the protection shield break it with a lower spell and than go in with the higher spell. For the most part most mobs and bosses do stick with the school (lack of better word) that is displayed. In my experience most of them will use a couple of spells from the storm school.

All I am saying is that you have to have some kind of plan before you go in and not get discourage. You get defeated, rest up, re-stragezies and go back in.

Apr 22, 2009
I agree. The monsters are way out of control. You can't get anywhere. The Jotun battle is RIDICULOUSLY hard to do. I'm sick of always being outnumbered. Kensington Park I skip altogether. They do everything they can to cheat us not only out of our money but the fun the game used to have. More monsters cast weakness and hexes now. Why? It is NOT necessary. If you are going to keep making it harder to get anywhere and win battles, then make us some outfits and items that give US 5000 health to compensate. Yeah right, like that will ever happen.

Jun 17, 2009
i agree based on the exp wise its not worth it to have it set at level 30 magus level.. but i'll tell you..

me level 32 death

my friend level 31 life

we killed all 3 bosses with time

but then eventually it because too hard.. my life friend got on his grand ice and it happen to show that we have to restart the whole thing over...

in particular the exp for giving to defeat the bosses i believe its messed up 1,500 isn't sufficient but i like the challenge i don't give up but the exp doesn't motivate me to try harder..

Jun 23, 2008
What about a "Spell of Intuition"..?
Playing the card shows the hand being played against you. And you can know those hands are based on chance, not what some AI program thinks should be a fun battle.

Jul 04, 2009
My lvl 44 Balance wizard just fought the Jade Oni. The Jade Oni used no less than 8 Weakness and 2 Black Mantle (the -45% target) and he is a Life boss. That does not include the Fire Elf, Storm Shark, and Cyclops that he also cast on me.

And he semed to always have what he needed on hand to counter most of my moves, even in the same round (was he looking at my cards?).

As far as sanmil0963's comment about having a plan and using lower-pip spells to remove Weakness and enemy shields, that ONLY works when the dealer is giving you a good hand. In my experience, that is FAR too rare.

Jun 24, 2008
In my opinion, all the debuffs are part of the difficulty of the game. Quite frankly, I dont find anything too bad. Saure, I need help sometimes, but the monsters have the exact same spells as you do. Although I have come across the coincidential chance of finishing them off, they cast a weakness on me, but that is only part of the game. I see nothing wrong with it, the worlds get tougher as you go up. Thats how video games are.