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Monster rank suggestions

Dec 18, 2008
Variety is the best thing in life, so why not mix the monsters up a little bit ;). Monster ranks are already incorperated into this game in the form of the elite monsters. So what i'm suggesting is adding a few more special monster ranks that would only appear on extremely rare occasions.

For instance, one out of 10 or 20 on the same monster fights might spawn a Special monster rank. So these are not monsters you would see very often but will defintly mix things up when you do see them.

So some monster ranks that i think would be intresting to see are:

Monster ranks
Tank - 2 or 3x more health then the normal monster of its type.
beserker - does 2x the damage with its said elements spells.
Defender - has resistances to all spells
King - drops double the gold and possible better drops
Sage - double the xp
Fanatic - All of the above. (very rare)
Weakling - Less health then the normal monsters.

Now those are the main ones i have in mind but just for fun here a few crazy ones.

Crazy monster ranks

Healer- the monster will have healing cards. (maybe one of each healing card)

Guardian - The monster is given powerful shields cards, including ice armor and absorb.

Death bringer- the monster is equipped with several area attack spells. (maybe one from each school)

interupter - Would be weaker then the standard monster but could jump into any fight. (in any zone)

Summoner - The monster is equipped with a few summon cards.
(he would have more health then the average monster as well)

Reraiser - after dieing it would come back to life with one health.

Tacticion - starts off with full pips.

Power monster- 50% chance to gain a power pip. (name could use work)

I have played a few online MMOs that have done this and it usually works out nicely. But It's always nice to get feedback so if you take the time to read this please respond and say what you think about it. :)

feel free to suggest your own as well :)

Dec 17, 2008
Not a bad idea.
Some monsters do have healing and absorb cards and almost all have
shield cards.
Reraiser? In combat it already happens WAY too many times that your spell that should finish your opponent off leaves him with 1-9 life. You either end off polishing him off by doing 200 more damage than
neccesary or leave him with just enough life to cast one more spell,
two if your next spell fizzles.

Dec 18, 2008
Yea i know some have healing and absorb and i know most have a shield card. But what i was thinking that this would kind of be like the water elemental summon. Where it has so many shield cards that most of the time thats would it would be casting. on itself and other monsters.

You have a point about the reraiser. But at the same time it makes sure you cant just one hit kill him with a powerful spell.

Jul 31, 2008
Dec 18, 2008
thanks :)

one more crazy one to add :)

tactitan - starts off with full pips