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Monster Quests Not Working

Oct 19, 2008
OK, so the type of quest where you have to defeat a certain number of a certain type of monster dont work correctly. I've noticed this ever since I started playing, but lately it's been getting worse and worse. More than half the time, the game does not seem to recognize that I've defeated the monster. I've seriously fought about 20 draconians and it's telling me I've only fought 1 out of eight. This is very annoying and causing my time to be wasted. :(

-Katie Redflame, Master Pyromancer

Apr 19, 2009
OK what i think is happening is you get a quest where you have to collect a certain item from enemies well to make thinks tougher there's a percentage of chance of getting that item like if you fight a draconian have a 20% chance of getting the item so when you fight all these enemies and you don't get the item is because chances of getting it were against you do you didn't get the item and as you progress through the worlds the percentages get lower and lower

Hope this helps
see ya around wizard city!

Apr 02, 2009
Is it just a " Defeat this many monsters " quest or a " Defeat this monster to collect this many of this item " quest?

If it is the last one then it's pefectly normal for Draconians. With any quest like that you won't get the item every time. You have to be patient. I had to get a crystal from these spiders and I literally fought about 37 of them. Draconians are very clingy so just be patient and keep on fighting.

If you have some friends who are willing to help don't let your pride stop them! Let them help! That's like the main reason I play ( Other than it's insanly fun. ). Most of my friends do to!

Oct 19, 2008
Jun 14, 2009
Like many others stated, more than likely you have to collect something, which is more difficult. If you are in a hurry to collect it, you want to battle with as many players as possible to increase your odds of getting that item. If not, just be patience and enjoy the game, you will eventually get it.