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Missing Storyline Quest

Jun 22, 2009
I looked in my list of quests and it appears that I have four from Dragonspyre. These are Sly Writing, The Stone Roses, The Lore Master, and The Secret History. I certainly have not completed Dragonspyre, but according to all sources I can find, none of these are storyline quests. Any ideas on what may have occurred or how to fix it?

I case any Administrators see this, this is for my level 51 Grandmaster Theurgist, Devin Liferider.

There is a new main quest designation in your quest log. Main quests are designated with stars near the quest name. If you don't have a quest with those stars showing, you'll want to contact Customer Support to help get you back on track.

Email: support@wizard101.com
Web: https://www.wizard101.com/CustomerSupport/game

Jun 22, 2009
I finally got back my main quest entitled Wizard Tours, so thanks to Customer Support for the assistance. Also, thanks for the advice, Dworgyn.