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Missing Pets?

Jul 27, 2011
Hello everybody. Ok, so my little sis got her own acount and was so exicted that she used all her money(I gave to her by giving her treasure cards) on buying a dragon and unicorn.Anyho she logged off and went to bed. She then didn't play for a week or so. She logged on today and wanted to see her pets. But there were no pets. I checked her bank, house and inventory, but other then her Piggle and Brave Hound. Being herself, she said her pets were stolen by Mailistre. I'm started to think she's right. Or it's a glitch. Anyway, has anyone eles had this problom, or are we bad luck?

Kristen Owleyes(77 Promacer) and her sister, Natilie Owleyes(10 promacer)

Please contact our support department, they can help find the pets. I'm sure they're just hiding in her Dorm or something similar.

Email support@wizard101.com with the following information
->the account name
->the character name
->the pet types (dragon, unicorn)

NEVER send us:
->your password
->your full credit card information

The more information you give up front, the faster your issue can be resolved. It can take up to 48 hours for Wizard101 customer support to reply to your email.