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missing fire place

Dec 16, 2008
my older brother has a fireplace from marleybone in his house and it is invisable now it cant be picked up or moved it is still being counted as an item and the pot ontop of it is still there but appears to be floating and the storm shield above it is still elevated everything else is visible. he also had the floor that turned pink and the wall that turned pink i dont know if that has anything to do with it but just thought i would do it

Jun 19, 2009
A lot of people have mentioned disappearing fireplaces (mine is too). It's like fireplaces are going extict! Mine has completely disappeared from my house and the walls of one of my rooms is purple and pink. I also had those huge barrels of root beer sunken into the floor, I got those though.

Nov 05, 2008
went to my friends house to roast some marshmelows and her fire place was by the cielling the sticks were not long enough to do it

Jun 05, 2009
My fireplace went missing also. I've also bought floors and wallpaper and when I go back to my home it is all PINK......How Horrible!! Also, I think we should be able to try before we buy because some things don't fit and how are we to know how big or small an item is? You should maybe have models available so we know also. I bought the second house in Wizard City and it was 20000 It was almost identical to my first one so I had to turn around and sell it for 400. That seems a bit unfair to me!

Jul 05, 2008
I found my fireplace down a floor took it off and now it will not leave my housing items box.

Also the fish statue is almost all the way in the floor and so are the rootbear barrels.

My Wizard wall paper and floor is all coloured lines.

Thanks for working on this bug KI.

Sep 24, 2008
All this is so familier, my fire place dissapeared, soda barels sunk into the ground (I fixed them though) but I have yet to get pink walls. I replaced the fire place with the Gong of the Oni though, I hope it reappears.

Apr 23, 2009
My fireplace is completly gone also. I just redecorated before the patch, and now it's want my stuff back please. :?