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Misleading Prepaid Card

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
I went to Gamestop and saw a prepaid card with a Pixie on it and was like :O! (Specifically the card was the 10$ Dollar General card) Not knowing it didn't contain Fuchsia Pixie (the current Pixie for the Dollar General card of the same art for this month) I bought it and when I redeemed it I got a BRAVE PIGGLE?!!!! >.< The other card on the card rack was a 20$ Dollar General hound card (The yellow base fierce hound recolor) and there were TONS of them, idk if they were also mistakes as well.

What happened, why did I get the WRONG pet? Or more specifically why is the code for a brave piggle (+5000 crowns or month of membership) on the Dollar General cards at Gamestop.

Printing error?


I'm sorry for the confusion. Please send an email to support@wizard101.com for assistance in getting the correct pet.