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minor bug and spelling error

Sep 10, 2011
hey i was working in savannah, and without realizing it, i had found the art wall for the "art history" quest. I was thinking "alright one down 2 to go" but for some reason, i did not get any credit for the quest. the next day i went back to the art wall, and still got no credit. can you guys fix this please?

ok now time for the spelling error. i was helping my friend in the crimson fields, bricktop said to go find and defeat "grum foultooth" but in the words, it was spelled "grim foultooth" and when i went to go fight grum, his nametag said "grum" as well, so could cyrus drake correct that with his red pen to say "grum" like it is everywhere else?

Sep 11, 2012
If you're going to comment on a spelling error, you should try to use proper grammar.

Dec 04, 2012
good lord, enough with the whining nit picking lol