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Mini-map (Scrying Orb)

Mar 03, 2009
Perhaps one of the most annoying things to deal with while playing is having to open the spellbook to look at the map. What I would enjoy is a small bubble that shows where you're going by showing a small section of the map. Over time, I feel comfortable getting around an area, but I always seem to be opening the map every few minutes in new areas. The spellbook maps are useful, but are also somewhat large and block out a large section of the screen. This means that it's very risky to open the map unless you're on a sidewalk or a similar safe area. I don't think it's a whole lot to ask for a mini map that can be displayed constantly, allowing you to see your immediate surroundings without opening the map, just to see when you should cross a street. It could have more of a bird's eye view than the regular maps and perhaps some various symbols to denote what's nearby. Like red dots for enemies, white dots for other players, blue dots for friends, and yellow dots for chests. The quest helper could possibly be upgraded to work with the mini-map, displaying a smaller yellow arrow along the edge of the map in the direction of the objective and then turning into an X when the objective is within the map's range.

I look forward to feedback from both my fellow wizards as well as the faculty on the matter.

Morgrim DeathShade

Mar 29, 2009
I really like this idea! I agree that you constently opening your spellbook unless you are fimilar with the are. I would like to see something like you said on the game. It would be alot easier to get around!

:D Ryanman318 :D