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Menu chat in battle

Dec 31, 2008
I have noticed in text chat that players often say "you get guy on left" or "I'll get the boss" to their whole team. In menu chat, you have to spend a bunch of extra time picking who to talk to, what kind of energy to suggest they use, and what kind of monster you are talking about. Menu chat would be quicker and easier in battle if you could quickly select "You get..." or "I'll get ..." and then immediately select the target position like "dagger" or "sun" or "middle." Just those two parts would make up a large proportion of battle suggestions. Specific energy choices, such as "with fire" or "with healing" could be an optional add-on phrase at the end, as could an individual player to address it to.

Also I second the earlier suggestion that all regular menu chat items be available during battle on a sub menu. I can say "I like your pet" or "what school are you" to text chat players during battle, and it's a pain to not be able to say these kid-friendly things to menu chat players too. It's hard to make friends during battle when you can only talk about the battle!

We've been listening to everyone's feedback about the menu chat.

Currently we are looking at how our menu chat system is setup and hope that the changes we will be making will help all players communicate with each other with ease.

Sep 20, 2008
I will put the code in.
Cause while doing big ben I noticed that this guy without text chat was walking all over the code and we could not put it in . It really ticked me off.